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About Horequip Foodservice Architecture

With our roots in kitchen equipment Horequip Foodservice Architecture has grown in over 20 years to be a market leader in the area of designing and building multifunctional company restaurants, regular restaurants, ship kitchens, school canteens, food laboratories and pub kitchens. At Horequip standard and functionalism have been replaced for quality and appearance years ago. By building on trust, listening, joining with specialist knowledge and working together Horequip has become an example when it comes to visualising and creating the most beautiful foodservice concepts, within the Netherlands as well as abroad.

At Horequip we have foodservice architects, interior designers, stylists, mechanical engineers and fitters working intensively together to create the best restaurants and kitchens. Horequip has all the required knowledge to make every assignment successful. In this we are unique. With one liaison we handle all issues for clients. Many projects are dealt with in a turnkey manner, using a fixed price and a set completion date. Without any risks or worries. When a client already has contacts with a different designer company we like to join hands to create the best possible result.

Horequip Foodservice Architecture has a multi disciplinary team of specialists; small and dependable owning a great deal of knowledge divided over 30 heads.

Erik Goudbeek
Mario Peters
T:- +31 521 -361 687
E:- info@horequip.com
A:- Oostermeentherand 2E
     8332 JZ Steenwijk