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Still working in the old catering kitchens? The catering kitchen of today has a straight and modern finish. No standard tables and standard equipment. The catering kitchen of today has its own appearance; it fits the character of the establishment. Horequip design kitchens are sustainable, of a good quality, functional and very easy to use. But Horequip Foodservice Architecture also designs open kitchens that demand a high finishing standard, using small sealant lines and beautiful design items made of S/S steel. Horequip Foodservice Architecture delivers an affordable top product to the best hotels, Michelin star restaurants and restaurant businesses that look for something beautiful and want to be different. We do this in the Netherlands and also across its borders. With our exclusive well thought through ideas about kitchen placements, lighting, finishing and use of material we are different. Standard and functional have been replaced with quality and appearance. This is the catering kitchen of today and this is Horequip Foodservice Architecture.