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Visitor and staff restaurants are more and more often turned into spacious and beautiful warm environments. With a 24-hour service of snacks and complete meals. Quick, functional and still cosy. Ideal for the quick visitor as well as waiting family or staff.

Healthcare institutions

For the elderly in old homes enjoying a meal in a comfortable environment is an important part of the day. Healthy and good quality food in a comfortable environment can make people feel better and stay healthier for a longer period of time. Here we see the function of the restaurant changing as well. This is a good thing as it might mean families visiting more often and therefore reducing the feelings of loneliness among the elderly.

Horequip Foodservice Architecture

As an experienced company regarding the healthcare business, the translating of ideas of caterers, owning knowledge concerning the designing and decorating of multifunctional company restaurants and also having roots in the catering business, the multi disciplinary team of Horequip faces any challenges set by educational and care institutions hands on. With a large sense of quality and atmosphere, that too is Horequip.

Educational institutions

The function of the canteen in schools is changing. Those canteens also get a more restaurant look. By creating a cosy, multifunctional environment students gain a place to study and a place to meet. Offering healthy foods might mean a trip less to the hamburger place around the corner. Horequip Foodservice Architecture knows how to work with new ideas coming from schools and caterers.