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Shipping & Offshore

Horequip Foodservice Architecture is a specialist in the designing and building of kitchens for offshore and maritime companies. We know that the designing and building of kitchens on drilling platforms and ships is a specialist trade. In this business straight is not always straight and lack of space is rather rule than exception. We also know that working with deviating voltages in a salty environment demands very different standards on the equipment. Horequip builds cooling, freezing and kitchen equipment perfectly to maritime standards.

We are creative with the available space and create inventive solutions and adaptations to cookery equipment so that pans stay on the stoves even during severe swell. The building drawings are converted into straight and practical S/S elements. Horequip supplies affordable and disorder free kitchens, which are easy to keep clean and capable to face the biggest storms. The design meets the latest trends and makes people who spend a lot of time away from home feel more comfortable.

Complete kitchens in a sea container.

Right now many drilling platforms a revitalized. Horequip Foodservice Architecture supplies equipment for drilling platforms in which the kitchens are also revitalized, the perfect temporary solution: complete kitchens, rinsing kitchens, cooling and freezing storage in a sea container! For these jobs we work together with TLQ Supply. Good to know.